by Aria

Suspense and fear

build inside me


The icy slope

is what I soon see


I wait for the rest

of my skiing group


For the moment when

I’ll be released from this coop


Of fear, excitement,

and curiousity


I’m told to take off

and I am free


All the worries

fade away


All that matters

is today


This is a steep, fast,

wild ride


I’m free to release

all the troubles inside


My spirits soar

they fly with the breeze


I hold my breath

but I’m soon at ease

My heart falls

when I reach the bend


I swerve around it

and just like that, it’s the end


But I can experience

the joy once more


I hop on the chairlift,

and prepare for what’s in store



Blackout Life Poem

by Aria






Life is the





Come together,




Give back,







Profound change

Blackout Poem of Doom

by Zoe

Crisis, identity, unity

Mortal terror, hopeful


End, burdens

Desperate, poor, unexpected

Last dim pools of hope drain away

Essential, trapped


Pride, war

Tested, collapse, precarious

Limits, powerful, overwhelm

Rejected, labor, protest

Refuse, bodies, drowned


Poor, war, leave

Resist, dangerous

Imagine, peace



Two poems

by Dahlia


The running, sprinting, patterned cat

The dotted, sneaky, queen

On a rock, in a tree, the growling creature can’t be seen



It’s a rock sitting quietly

It’s a leaf falling down

It’s the grass in the wind, br the silent pond


It’s the stream near the wood

It’s a howl in the air

It’s the trees standing still, in the sweet morning song


It’s a flower swaying in the breeze

It’s the sun giving us warmth

It’s the sounds of nature calling us in


  It’s the sound of nature coming us in

         The sound of nature coming us in

                      Calling us in


The Revenge of the Hungry Cat

by Evie

I’m sleeping and suddenly I hear a sound of something being dragged across the hall. I open my eyes, groaning and tired. My alarm clock reads: 5:58. I look at the desk next to me and see my 5 year old cat, Angel. She’s using her pearl white paw to move my pencil around my desk. “Angel…..” I whine. I go back and close my eyes. Angel watches me. I hear the sound of something being dragged again. “Angel, You are going to have to wait to be fed,” I remind her. As I close my eyes, I hear the sound again. But this time, I heard the sound of glass being dragged across my desk. “ANGEL!!!!” I yell. She stops. And the process starts again. I reluctantly get up and give her a cup of dry food. She calmly sits near the food bowl and eats. Problem solved. The moral of the story is to give your cat what she wants. Or else……


Soft Lightning


It was in the middle of the night. It was one of those moments where I was not trying to sleep, but I was letting my eyes stay open. I was staring into the darkness, listening to the steady pitter – patter of the rain.


Suddenly, a flash caught my eye. It was a flicker of white against the orange sky, not an intimidating bolt. Could there really be lightning in this quiet weather? I waited for the thunder to come, but all I could hear was that same, steady, soft, drip – drop of the rain. I was tired, but I crawled up to the window.


Another flicker caught my eye. It suddenly occurred to me how special this was, how fascinating, that the sky could flicker. That nature could bring a bright spark. That it could be shocking, or peaceful. That the sky could go from orange to white to orange again, all in a flash. That a girl could stare out her window in the peaceful nighttime, marveling at this quiet lightning, absorbing its wonder. That that girl was me.

by Aria